Hi. I'm Nelson

Performer, host, technologist and coach.

When people ask me "What do you do?" I often reply with "ask me what I did today..."
More than just a pretty face, I'm a technologist who works across disciplines with an eye for the creative.

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Performing Artist

Acting and Hosting

I've done work for HBO, MediaCorp, ESPN, StarHub, Hogarth and many other local and independent production houses in various countries. A lover of the passion behind theatre acting as well as the magic that can be produced in front of a camera. As a host I'm just as at ease talking about sport and technology whether the event is on film or to a live audience.
"El Gris Perfecto" Trailer
"ESPN 'In Love'" TVC Snippets
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Mixing in the genres of pop, electro and acoustic styles, I've written and collaborated with international acts for the best part of a decade. Some of my music has also been featured in film and documentaries.
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I love to explore a variety of genres and styles in either print shoots, catwalks, promotions, performance and presentation assignments.
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In Singapore I'm managed & represented by RED CARPET INVITE

For enquiries/bookings:
Email : manager@redcarpetinvite.com.sg
Phone :+65 9739 3673



I have a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems and recently I've acquired Certification in Project Management. I regularly tuned into science events and am an avid reader all things science.

Key Skills

- PHP CMS HTML/CSS Development
- PHP/SCADA Programming
- Adobe Suite Design
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Key Interests in Science

I'm a general lover of science and the scientific method. The areas I'm most versed and interested in are:

- Astronomy/Meteorology
- Evolutionary Biology and Genetics
- Palaeontology
- Nuclear Physics


The three main areas I teach in are:
- General and Business English
- Presentation Skills
- Using IT within work environments

I provide training to individuals and small businesses, giving priority to assessing and improving how technology is used within the working environment. A recent focus is in empowering female business owners through the use of technology and understanding how IT can give them the edge in a competitive environment.

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