Hi. I'm Nelson

Freelancer, developer, educator & talent.

When people ask me "What do you do?", I say "ask me what I did today..."
I'm a technologist with skills across multiple disciplines... with an eye for the creative.

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Performing Artist

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Acting and Hosting

Red Riding Hood @ SRT.

Show dates and Bookings

Previously hosting: National School Games.

I've done work for HBO, MediaCorp, ESPN, StarHub, Hogarth and many other local and independent production houses in various countries. A lover of the passion behind theatre as well as the magic that can be produced in front of a camera. As a host, I'm at ease talking about various topics, whether the event is on film or to a live audience.
"El Gris Perfecto" Trailer

"Discoteca!" Trailer

ESPN F1 "In Love" TVC Snippets

Creative DXM Tutorial Video


Mixing in the genres of pop, electro and acoustic styles, I've written and collaborated with international acts for the best part of a decade. Some of my music has also been featured in film and documentaries.
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I love to explore a variety of genres and styles in either print shoots, catwalks, promotions, performance and presentation assignments.
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In Singapore my modelling work is managed & represented by Red Carpet Invite

For enquiries/bookings:
Email : manager@redcarpetinvite.com.sg
Phone :+65 9739 3673



I have a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems and recently I've acquired Certification in Project Management. I'm regularly tuned into technology events and am an avid reader all things science.

Key Skills

- PHP CMS HTML/CSS Development
- PHP/SCADA Programming
- Adobe Suite Design
Professional resume: download

Key Interests in Science

I'm a general lover of science and the scientific method. The areas I'm most versed and interested in are:

- Astronomy/Meteorology
- Evolutionary Biology and Genetics
- Palaeontology
- Nuclear Physics


The three main areas I teach in are:
- General and Business English
- Presentation Skills
- Using IT within work environments

I provide training to individuals and small businesses, giving priority to assessing and improving how technology is used within the working environment. A recent focus is in empowering female business owners through the use of technology and understanding how IT can give them the edge in a competitive environment.

I also have specialist training in TESOL and 3 years experience in teaching business English and presentation skills to foreigners.

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